Sunday, September 29, 2013

Newest Member of the Family

Today we adopted a turtle.  Now we need a name.  She is actually pretty fast for a turtle.  Going, going, gone!

Ibarra After Dark

Yesterday we took an outing to show Isabel the view from the Mirador San Miguel Arcangel which overlooks the city of Ibarra with a view of Mt. Imbabura in the background.  Here she is with the whole Farnsworth clan.


Marisol and Isa

Joel and Isa

Amelia, Jacob and Isa

Another view of Ibarra

The arcangel at dusk

Night is falling!

Ibarra after dark

Good night, Ibarra!

Puentitos de Amor

Here are some pictures from a recording session for a song I wrote called "Puentitos de Amor" for the kids club at our church, Puente de Amor.  "Little Bridges of Love" tells how we can share the good news of God's love with others.  It will be the theme song for the club this year.  Thanks to Joel, Amelia, Norberto, Andrea, Josúe, Edison, Hugo and Emilio for all their help.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Remembering Margaret Wynn (1924-2013)

Our DEAR friend Margaret Wynn went to her heavenly reward on September 7, 2013, at the age of 89.  The last time we visited her was at Houghton, NY, in July 2011, shortly before we returned to Ecuador as missionaries with Liebenzell.  She hosted us and another friend Robert Cummings for lunch, preparing us delicious chilled meatloaf.  Marisol was pregnant at the time with Jacob and Elias and not feeling very well, but Margaret was so kind and gracious to Marisol during our visit.

I met Margaret during my time at Houghton from 1983-1987.  She served as the sponsor of Swordbearers, the Bible Memory Association that I headed up for a couple years as president.  Always cheerful, upbeat and positive, she listened calmly to our concerns and offered a helping hand.  Wonderful memories include baking Christmas cookies with John and Jennifer at her apartment for our Christmas events each year; her help preparing our annual chapels; and visiting her in her office at the college.  She was the president's secretary; it was good to have a friend like her "in high places."  She had a merry laugh and could always be counted on: consistent, steadfast and dependable are words that come to my mind that to describe her.  Her faith in God was strong and sustained her throughout her life.  She also worked at a Christian camp that my father attended during his youth, so that connection is another one that we shared.

She doted over our children when we visited her in Houghton and I am sorry that she will not meet Jacob and Elias, at least on this side of heaven.  She gave Joel and Amelia a Bible story book during that last visit with her that we read with them during our family devotional time.

When I felt led to be a missionary to Ecuador, Margaret was one of the first people to commit to support me, and I know that she prayed for us, and prayed, and prayed, and prayed.  We always looked forward to her Christmas cards every year.  In fact, when we didn't receive one last year, we thought something was wrong, and we contacted her.  Well, somehow her card got lost in the mail so she sent another one.  When we received it, I called her to say thanks.  That was the last time that we spoke, although we wrote her a couple times since then.

Although we will miss her very much, we are so happy for her: she is now with the Lord she loved and served so faithfully here on earth.  Thanks, Lord, for allowing us to be part of her life and her to be part of our lives.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Baby Pictures of the Day

Future architect at work!  Futuro arquitecto en progreso.

Reading with Isabel.  Leyendo con Isabel.

Monday, September 16, 2013

In Abraham Lincoln's Shadow

We also walked in Abraham Lincoln's family shadow when we visited the site of his great-great grandfather Mordecai Lincoln's house in Exeter Township, PA.  I remember as an elementary school student studying PA history and going past this house and wishing that it would be restored.  At that time it lay in ruins.  Happily it was restored in 1987-1988 but alas, since then has fallen back into disrepair.

 Joel and Amelia outside the house surrounded by invasive vegetation.

Sadly, in need of another restoration.

Another sight to behold!

 Mordecai Lincoln died in 1736, about three years after building the house pictured above.  Although not a Quaker, it is believed, curiously, that he was buried in an unmarked grave at the cemetery at the Exeter Friends Meeting.

We also visited Gettysburg during out time in PA.  Here Joel and Amelia pose with Mr. Lincoln himself outside the Visitor's Center.  Amelia says that Lincoln is her favorite president.

There is a plaster mask of Mr. Lincoln in an exhibit in the visitor's center.

This is the site of Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address, delivered on November 19, 1863, at the dedication of the Soldiers' National Cemetery, four and a half months after the Union Army defeated the Confederates at Gettysburg.  This year marks the 150th anniversary of the speech and will be remembered with special events, including a new speech by President Obama.  However, it is unlikely that the current president's speech will be remembered as fondly as Lincoln's 272 words, some of the most famous in the history of oration.

In Daniel Boone's Shadow

During our time in PA we visited a few historical sites, including the remains of the log cabin of Daniel Boone's grandfather George Boone, having moved to PA from England in 1717.  George was father to Daniel's father Squire.

All that remains is the chimney.  The log cabin burned in 1924.

Joel and Amelia posed from a distance.  The chimney stands on private property in Exeter Township, PA.

We also visited the Exeter Friends Meeting, the Quaker church where Daniel's family attended until his father Squire and some older siblings were excommunicated for marrying outside of the Quaker faith.  His mother Sarah continued to attend monthly meetings with the younger children.

Boone and Lincoln family members are interred at the Quaker burial ground in Exeter.  The graves are unmarked.

We also visited the Daniel Boone Homestead, the site where Daniel was born on November 2, 1734.

Elías and Jacob enjoyed exploring the property while Marisol, Joel and Amelia watched a film at the visitor's center.

There are geese and other animals at the barn near the homestead.

Sheep too.

The goose commanded Elias' attention.

A blacksmith shop was also moved to the site.

Amelia, Jacob and Joel posed outside the house built on the original foundation of the cabin where Daniel was born.

Here is the original spring in the cold cellar/basement, the only original part of the cabin where Daniel Boone lived.

There is also an herb garden in the yard.

Also a smokehouse which was build by a subsequent owner of the property.  The Boones left for North Carolina in 1750.

Long live the legacy of America pioneer, explorer and frontiersman Daniel Boone, who died on September 26, 1820!