Saturday, March 1, 2014

Assorted Family Fun

We often spend Sunday afternoons at Marisol's family's house in Santa Rosa, a small town outside of the city of Ibarra, where we live.  Here are some pictures from our last visit.

As you can see, Jacob likes playing with trucks. 

Elias likes to draw with chalk on the cement.  Actually all of our children like to do that.  Here are the boys in action.

All the 4 Farnsworth kids watching a Biper video on YouTube.

Snack time in the back yard.

Bein' crazy!  Crazy Amelia!

Jacob and Elias ready to go away!

Looking at books!  One of their favorite things to do!!!!!  Librarians of the world, be forewarned!!!!!

Brushing his nose!  Bye for now!!!!!

Carnaval at the Farnsworths/Carnaval con los Farnsworth

The days of "Carnaval" are the days right before lent begins.  Here in Ecuador the people play water games before things "calm down" during lent.  We Farnsworths joined in the fun with our home school helper Isabel from Germany, getting soaked for a fun afternoon.  Marisol took the pictures this time.  

Amelia is prepared to shoot water, but not at the camera.

Isabel, Jacob and Joel get ready.

Elías fills his water pistol in the plastic pool.  He calls it his "boat".

Jacob ready for action.  Please note the smile.

Amelia and Joel: armed and dangerous!

Isabel shoots back.

Joel refills.

What is a water pistol against a bucket of water?

Daddys instructs Jacob on how to throw a water balloon.

Elías has his stash of balloons ready.  Note the mischievous look on his face!

 Joel, up to no-good.

No mercy from Joel!

Catching the water balloon in mid air.  Looks like magic!

 Amelia and Elías take a break from the action.

Isabel tries, unsuccessfully, to get away.

Joel demonstrates the fine art of tying water balloons.

I was picking up water balloon trash. . . .

. . .when Joel took me by surprise.

Back to my post, a little wetter and cooler.

The ending to a FUN afternoon!