Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Happy Birthday Marisol!

This week Marisol celebrated her birthday two times.  On Sunday in Santa Rosa with her parents and brother and family. . .

And then on Monday with our family with a three milk cake (Pastel de 3 Leches).

Elías helped her blow out the candles.  Happy Birthday, Marisol.  I love you and thank God for you!!!!!

More Farnsworth Family Fun

Jacob and Elías getting wet in the back yard on a hot day.

Elias and Joel on the hammock in Santa Rosa.

And Amelia with a "wig" on her head.

What could be more fun?!?

Another Ballerina Is Born!

Amelia started taking ballet lessons three afternoons a week at the Casa de la Cultura while swimming class is on hiatus.  She loves it, and her flexibility is a big advantage for her.

Play-dough Day

Elías and Jacob have experienced the joy of Play-Dough.  They often play while Joel and Amelia are doing home school.

Another Afternoon in Santa Rosa

On Sunday we went to visit Marisol's parents in Santa Rosa.  Jacob was happy to be there, as you can tell from the picture.

So was Elías.

We took a walk to see my father-in-law's tilapia ponds.

Then we sucked on sweet sugar cane.

With the children's cousin Cloe.

You can see how much we like sugar cane and Marisol's family!!!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Enjoying Visits

Last Tuesday Micha surprised me during my office hours at the church in Cotacachi.  He participated in the German Impact team during our first year back in Ecuador, September 2011-August 2012.  Currently he is completing a practicum in education at the German High School in the Ecuadorian city of Guayaquil and came to visit us in Imbabura province.  What a delight to see him again!  We invited him over for lunch one day.

Then our good friends Barb and Ray came for a tour of Ecuador.  While they were in the nearby town of San Pablo we went to see them; what a great time with lots of smiles, laughs, chocolate cake and ice cream.  They met Elías and Jacob for the first time.  Ray and Barb volunteered in the library at Pacific Islands College in Guam while we were there.  They are planning a return trip to Guam in December.  But we are glad that they came to Ecuador first.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Meet Morgan

 Last Monday evening our new home school helper, Morgan, arrived from Lititz, PA.  She will stay with us until June 2015.

She is already a hit with our children.  Elías calls her his "amiga."

The Farnsworth clan and Morgan relaxing outside.

Elías and Jacob drove McQueen at the local park.

Morgan rode the "bicycle built for three" with Joel and Amelia.  She is a good addition to our family, and we thank God for her servant's heart.

Celebrating Labor Day

Last week we celebrated Labor Day in style.

Jacob kept Daddy company while he grilled the burgers.

Hamburgers with bacon and feta cheese inside.

Homemade cole slaw courtesy of Marisol.

Joel loved his burger.  So did Amelia.

Burgers, homemade pickles, slaw, and grilled bananas.  Yum, Yum, YUM!

Elías relished the moment.

First Annual Missionsfest

August 31, 2014, marked the first annual Mission Liebenzell of Ecuador Missionsfest.  MLE President Diego Galarza welcomed the attendees.

Andrea, Oscar, Hugo et al led the worship team.

The enthusiastic attendees joined in singing songs of praise to the God of world missions.

Rainer introduced the Schuckert family, serving as Liebenzell missionaries in Japan.

From left to right, Levi, Sabine, Tim, Nela and Tobias Schuckert, with Ecuador field leader Rainer.

Tim shared a Japanese Bible verse complete with Japanese characters.  "God is love," 1 John 4:8.
 Then Josué, Sabine, and Tobías presented a skit showing the foibles of an Ecuadorian missionary in Japan.

Pastor Cipriano and his congregation from Ricaurte shared 2 special numbers.

Daniel presented a video that related the history of Liebenzell Mission.

Then the folks from Chirihuasi shared some good Christian music in folkloric style.

Elías and Jacob were busy playing with their cousin Cloe.

Afternoon at the Pool

For our last outing of the summer we went to the swimming pool of the Hostería El Prado here in Ibarra.

All of us enjoyed the water, even Elías and Jacob.

Joel and Amelia demonstrated their swimming skills.

Then posed for the camera.

We swam for a couple hours.

Then it was time to get dressed to go home.