Monday, September 20, 2010

Grandpa Update (Amended)

Thanks for the prayers for my dad. The surgery lasted one hour and forty-five minutes, and Dad spent 2-3 hours in recovery. The doctor believes that he was able to remove all the tumor. Joel and Amelia enjoyed visiting Grandpa in the hospital. Now Dad is home, and Mom is nursing him back to health. Please pray for grace for both of them during this time. We are supporting them as we are able to, driving back and forth on the weekends. We appreciate your support in prayer. Please pray for him as he has an appointment with the doctor on November 3 to check on his progress and to determine if anything else needs to be done at this time.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Special Prayer Request for my Dad

Please pray for my dad as he undergoes surgery on Monday, September 13, to remove a malignant tumor in his bladder. We are praying for him and Mom that they would feel God's peace and presence during this time. We trust the Lord for His will to be done. They are in the BEST HANDS that we could ever leave them in. Dad especially has a special place in Amelia's heart as you can see from these pictures. She adores him and he her.
Thanks for your prayer support. It means a great deal to us.

Home Sweet Home

Here is a front view of our new place. It's really nice. Read more below.

This is a rear view of the house where we are staying (the entrance to our part of the duplex house).
We have moved into our new place at Missionary Retreat Fellowship in Lake Ariel, PA. Located in the gorgeous Pocono Mountains, MRF is a nonprofit ministry that rents out furnished homes to missionaries in the USA. It has been such a blessing for us to be here. After yet another move and change, we are all thrilled to be settled and ready for this new year of adventure, visiting supporters, participating in church programs, corresponding, seeking new ministry partners, relaxing, home schooling, etc.
We would love to have visitors. Most people haven't caught up with us yet. We moved here on September 5 and spent Labor Day unpacking. So PACK YOUR BAGS AND VISIT US IN THE POCONOS!
Many thanks to my parents for their gracious hospitality while we stayed with them for the first two months. I'm sure they're enjoying some much-needed peace and quiet, even though they probably miss us. We sure miss them and will go and visit them some weekends.

A Long Time

So much has happened in the couple months that we have been back in PA after four years in Guam. We're just now getting settled in our new place that has wireless internet, so I'll post more later (I know, you've heard that promise before). Now that it's easier and more convenient. Thanks for your prayers for us as we are adjusting to a new life here during our home ministry assignment.

We traveled to Ocean City, NJ, to see my brother-in-law's group, Glad, in concert. It was great to catch up with him and my sister Heidi, pictured here with Joel and Amelia. We also enjoyed being at the ocean again, although I would have to admit that the Jersey shore is much different than Guam.

My sister Laura and Cole and Erin visited us in July. Joel and Amelia enjoyed reconnecting with their cousins. They really didn't remember them from our last visit here during the summer of 2007.
We went camping at Rickett's Glen State Park (Benton, PA) the first week of August with Grandpa and Grandma and my brother Mark's family (wife Sherry and kids Lauren, Emily, Luke, Abby, and John). We had a grand time, even a visit from a bear who made off with some of our food one night.
Being with family has been one of the BIG blessings of our furlough. Some of the other things haven't been quite so easy. God's grace is sufficient, though, to get us through all of these hoops in life. Thanks for your support during this process.