Sunday, September 30, 2012


Radio Punto received help from HCJB technician Juan and his wife Bret this weekend.  They helped to fix fire damage at our antenna tower on the mountain as well as establish a better network connection with ALAS HCJB.  Juan and Bret, from Norway, have served for over 30 years with radio station HCJB which broadcasts Christian programming all over the world.  I enjoyed spending time with them and our family hosted them one evening for dinner.  Great fun and fellowship!

"The Waltons" 40th Anniversary

Happy 40th anniversary to the cast and crew of The Waltons, who celebrated with two events in California this weekend.  The Waltons opened in September 1972 and ran for nine seasons as well as regrouped for six reunion movies.  It was based on the memories of Earl Hamner's family growing up in Nelson County, Virginia.  I would have loved to be there, but, having met most of them previously at other Walton reunions, I was able to cherish the time with my own family.  Pictured above is part of the cast in attendance at the Friday night celebration dinner in Burbank, near to the Warner Brothers Studio where the show was filmed.

A Leisurely Saturday Afternoon

Here are some pictures from our visit to Marisol's parents in the village of Santa Rosa, just outside Ibarra.  We had a lovely time with family.

Proud parents

Here are some recent pictures of Marisol and me with the children that God has given us.  We couldn't be more proud and grateful for Joel Mark, Amelia Marie, Jacob Stephen and Elias Samuel.

Already Eight Months Old

In honor of Elias and Jacob's first eight months of life, we offer these pictures.  Hope you enjoy!!!!

Amelia and Elias face to face!

First MINTS Seminary Graduation in Ibarra

Two weeks ago we had a VERY EXCITING event in Ibarra, the first-ever graduation ceremony of Miami International Seminary in Ecuador.  Seven men and women received their Associates Degree in Theological Studies (one person) and Bachelors Degree in Theological Studies (six people).  It came after a year of hard work to update academic records, gather student entrance requirements, and grading essays and tests.  MINTS began in Ibarra back in 2007 under the direction of missionary Pastor Edgar Luz.  He handed me the coordinator's baton in September 2011.  It has been my pleasure to serve the Lord and the students through MINTS and extremely rewarding to see the students walk down the aisle to receive their degrees.
Here Corina Baez marches in followed by Diego Galarza.

It was fun to wear my academic garb for the first time since my own seminary graduation in May 2006.  At Pacific Islands Bible College, where I served on the staff in Guam, we wore island dress and not academic robes for the graduation ceremonies.  I served as master of ceremonies for the graduation.

The graduates filled the first row of seats.

Pastor Enrique Palacios, current student of MINTS, offered the opening prayer.

I read an inspiring letter from Pastor Luz, now serving as a seminary professor at Liebenzell Mission Seminary in Germany.

Here I sit with the other men in leadership with MINTS.  From left to right are Luis Carlos Moreno, academic dean in Ecuador; Fred Jonkman, director of MINTS in Ecuador; and Cornelius Hegeman, co-founder and academic dean of MINTS in Miami, FL.  It was a blessing to spend time with Cornelius for two days in Ibarra during his visit.  A true servant of God!

Graduate Elvis Tuquerres shared a touching testimony of how MINTS has helped him to minister to people in his indigenous community of Quichuas.

The moment everyone was waiting for arrived: the students received their diplomas.

 All of us on the platform after the conferring of degrees.  An exciting moment indeed!

Enrique with graduate Wilman Gallegos

Here I am with graduate Corina, a great student, helper and servant.

Another picture of MINTS administrators and students

My brother-in-law Wilson Bedoya and friend Paul Nunez

Graduate Narda Lopez with friends Raquel and Blanca

Here I am with graduate Elvis and his wife, his daughter and his parents

Graduate Diego with his wife Mercedes and his daughters Gisela and Viviana

Marisol, her sister Miryan, and Joel with graduate Corina

Graduate Narda and I

Graduate Wilman and I

Graduate Diego and I

Marisol's mom Zulema helping us to take care of Jacob...

...while Elias slept like a baby, which is what he is.  It makes perfectly logical sense, doesn't it?

I finally got to eat after pictures and social butterflying.  Thanks, God, for a lovely night!