Friday, July 25, 2014

PA Group--Day 6

Today we took the group to the tourist hangout of Otavalo, which is a famous craft market.  Here Amelia is modeling an alpaca wool winter hat.

Elias and Jacob were more interested in the snacks.

And showing off their Ecuador soccer shirts.

Some group members bought colorful scarves to take back home.

The Jehovah's Witnesses are everywhere in Ecuador and around the world.

 The twins hung out with Carlina.

And Joel with his dear friend Auntie Stacey.

Then it was back to work on the construction site.

The young people on the team helped Stacet and Michelle clear the area around the church wall.  Hard, heavy work well down with smiles and good attitudes.

At night the group members shared in the cell group meetings.  Frank spent time with Alfonso after the meeting.

Frank's wife Ana blessed Surley and Salomé with her presence after the cell group.

Day 6 was a hit and another success story.  Stay tuned for Day 7 coming soon to a blog near you.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

PA Group--Day 5

On day 5 we went to present a program at a local Catholic high school.

Started out with games.

Then a skit.

About love and romance.

Yan Carlos shared the real meaning of life: a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

Frank ended with a closing pray that gave opportunity for spiritual decisions.

 On the way back to church we ran into this procession for Saint John's Day.  Notice the special hats that the men wear to do their little trot.

Back at the church the construction team was hard at work.  See Landon in action.

And Courtney.  You go, girl!!!!

 The progress from a distance.  The second floor in the middle section is the construction site for the team to work on.

Never resting: faithful Ramón. . .

. . .and Carlos.

 At night men's and women's meetings, but first, a joint worship time led by the team and the Cotacachi musicians.

The men shared testimonies. . .

. . .around a bonfire.

Here I am with Pastor Tony and Cotacachi friends Lenin, Cintthya and Camila.

Tony tries out the San Juan hat that he found while Frank and Danny look on.

Another busy day.  Tune in later for Day 6, and thanks for reading.

Camping in the Back Yard

Okay, so maybe we're not as brave as we could be, but we decided to try out camping first in our back yard before going with our two toddlers.  Marisol and Amelia helped Joel and me to set up the tent (while Jacob and Elias were napping).

Mission accomplished.

Elias was happy to get in the tent to play later with Amelia.

Jacob and Joel too.

At night Amelia was the first one in bed.

Elias wanted to make sure everything was okay by shining his flashlight.  We had a good night, not too much sleeping but it was fun!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

PA Group--Day 4

At the beginning of day three Chad and I joined the Ecuadorians to going to load 1000 cement blocks for putting up the walls on the second floor.

Who says skinny people can't be strong?!?  HA!

More loading to do.

Then the truck was ready to haul off to the construction site.

Now the unloading process was to begin.

Pondering what to do next, the men took a break from the unloading process.

 The women from the church began to prepare the morning refreshments.

Church worker Daniel waved to the camera.
Even our field director Rainer got in to the act.

Throwing bricks to Pastor Tony.

Joel helped to serve the refreshments.

Yan Carlos worked on another project.

Tony and Richard waited for further instruction before resuming the work.

Later a load of sand arrived at the church.

The ladies from the group continued to entertain the kids during the work project.

Marisol and Michelle smiled for the camera.

Tate inspected the work of Pastor Tony and José.

Yan Carlos and Frank started to put up the wall.

Tony, Richard and Ramón started to put up the wall on the other side.

To stay out of trouble at the construction site, the children went to play in the park.

 A picture of the work in progress.

On the night of day four we celebrated Gaby's 21st birthday.  Look how pleased she was!