Saturday, August 29, 2015

Closing School Program 2015-2016

Now that we're starting a new school year, it is time to report on the end of the last school year.  HA!  In late May we held a closing program with our three home school helpers:  Morgan who came from PA to help us teach school last year and two members of the German Impact team: Katha and Luca.  Missing from the picture is Christian who had left for Germany earlier.

We started with the Ecuadorian and U.S National Anthems.  Elías and Jacob helped to wave the flags.

Then Amelia recited a poem.

Joel presented a book report about former LMUSA Juanita Simpson's autobiography Walking the Waves.  Juanita's husband was lost at sea during their years of missionary service in Palua, Micronesia.  We visited Palau during our years at PIU in Guam.  Then we stayed with Juanita and her son and family when we visited Hawaii en route to PA following our four years in Guam.  We consider her dear friend; she currently resides in FL.

Jacob wanted to tell a Bible story as part of the program.

Then each volunteer shared a few words, Morgan first.

Then Katha.

Finally Luca.

Then the obligatory group photo.  We thank God for our good home school helpers.

Our niece Lauren will come on Monday to help us during this next school year.  Please pray for her safety in traveling and for a good adjustment for her.  Thank you.

Prayer Times

Here we are at church, praying for the Impact team and the Erndweins and Judith before they left for Germany.

And for Anabel, Steffi, Héctor and Salomé before they parted for Kansas City.

We continue to pray for God's blessings on their lives.

Saying Good-bye Is Hard to Do

In early June we said good-bye to Morgan, our home school volunteer for 2014-2015.  She became a member of the family while she was here.

On her last day here we went to the Condor Park.  That was fun.

Then in July we bid adieu to the other home school volunteers: Judith, Lo and Jana.

We had a nice visit with the Erndwein family, our missionary colleagues who work with the Quichua people, before they headed to Germany for their furlough.  Judith was their home school helper for the year.

We had the Impact team from Germany to our house for prayer and dinner.  They left in early August.

Marisol's cousin Héctor and family recently left for Kansas City, MO.  They visited us two times before leaving.

This is Anna, Katha, Simone, Katrin and Luca from the Impact team at their farewell gathering.

Amelia and Joel with Marisol's cousins Steffi and Salomé.

Elías and Jacob joining the picture.

Marisol's uncle Héctor and wife Anabel with us, even Elías made the picture.

Although good-byes are not our favorite part of missionary life, we are glad that "friends are friends forever if the Lord's the Lord of them."  AMEN and AMEN!

Monday, August 3, 2015

Another Afternoon in Santa Rosa

Joel, Jacob, Amelia and Zoe in ACTION!

Chalk Barbecue

Jacob and Elías obviously have watched me barbecue, so they made their own grill with chalk charcoal, even fanning it with cardboard.  What skills of observation and imagination!

VBS Week 1 Day 3

Thus ended the first week of VBS with the story of Naaman.

I was the narrator this time.

With the award-winning portrayal of Fanny as Naaman, complete with green specks on her face.  Fanny was rebounding from her gig as Goliath the previous day.

Interspersed in the skit was an evangelistic application with the Evangecube.

The cast did an excellent job, as on the other VBS days.

Then we split into the stations.  Marisol and I ran the craft station each day for all three weeks.

Jacob took an orange juice break.

On this day we made a book marker with a sick Naaman on one side and a healthy Naaman on the other.  As you can see, Amelia helped us.

So did Joel.

We are so pleased and proud that our kids could help us in VBS.  God is good.

Jacob and Elías made book markers, too.

Here is a group shot of kids and helpers.  A successful first week of VBS.  To God be the glory!