Saturday, March 14, 2015

Happy 3rd Birthday, Jacob and Elias!

On January 28, 2015, we celebrated Elias' and Jacob's third birthday.  Hard to believe how the time has flown!

Our friend Marisol who helps us at the house five mornings a week gave them little small gifts to play with.  Morgan gave them toy pirate ships.

Other gifts followed.

In the afternoon we had a small celebration with Marisol's family and some friends.

They especially enjoyed their toy swords!

No birthday celebration is complete without a cake.  Watch as they blow out the candles!

Aren't they cute?

Sorry, proud father speaking!

Happy 20th Anniversary, CCB!

Last month we held a special celebration of 20 years of the Centro de Capacitación Bíblica in Ibarra (Center of Biblical Training), complete with a three day conference on discipleship and church planting!

Fellow Liebenzell missionary Andreas baked a special cake for the occasion.

Diego, the Liebenzell Mission of Ecuador president, and Rainer, field leader, presided over the festivities.

"To God be the glory!" exclaimed Diego.

Missionary biographies served as door prizes for attendees such as Francisco.

Praise songs such as Andrae Crouch's "To God Be the Glory" rang out.

Rainer introduced the visiting team of people from Adelphos Baptist Church in Guayaquil who traveled to Ibarra to minister during the conference.

Ramona, David and Steven presented an original rap for the occasion, with the message of "Shine Your Light for Jesus."

The youth acted out the rap as the trio sang.

I participated in a skit about the CCB, portraying redhead and CCB founder Gustavo.

The German Impact team played my students.

Former students Yolanda and Diego shared testimonies about the impact the CCB has played in their lives.

The worship team of Amigos en Cristo in Cotacachi played and sang an original song that served as the theme of the conference.

Time to cut. . .

. . .and eat the CCB birthday cake.

Marisol and Joel took a picture with Adelphos missionary Maribel, from Dominican Republic, and her daughter.

On Friday afternoon Pastor Javier delivered a challenge to pastors and church leaders.

That night another main session continued the emphasis on discipleship and sharing the gospel.

The worship team from AeC led the attendees in worship.

Again, Pastor Javier shared from his heart.

Then, on Saturday, a whole-day session completed the teaching.

Participants also attended two one-hour workshops, such as this one lead by Pastor Carlos.

Then it was time to clean up, which was easier thanks to the help of volunteers such as Blanca.

The conference was a blessing to me and reminded me of the necessity to "redeem the time" and take opportunities to share God's love and salvation with others.

Meetings in Cotacachi

This is our new church logo!  How do you like it?  It corresponds to the Liebenzell Mission's logo here in Ecuador.

Progress is coming along on the construction for the future pastor's apartment on the second floor of the new wing.  Please pray for God's provision for the right national pastor to fill the job before our family's furlough beginning in summer 2016.

And here is the third floor, still a dream and in need of a roof, but we need to finish the second floor first.

Segundo is busy putting in the wall tiles in the bathrooms.

Here he is cutting tile, and his son Daniel is working in another bathroom.  Please pray for Fausto, the previous worker who fell on the steps on Tuesday.  Since then he has been unable to work.  Most of all, pray for his salvation.

You can see the new wing from a distance.

Also on Tuesday, we had our final day of classes for the Buen Siervo discipleship class, level 7 (previously 4c).  This class is required for church workers, through level 4.  The upper levels are optional.  This is the first time that some of the church people have arrived to and finished the upper levels, and I am proud of all for their hard work and dedication.

The course includes daily homework assignments which must be completed in order to pass to the next level.

On Wednesday night we had a joint cell group meeting at the church with games led by Anita and Héctor.

Everyone enjoyed it very much.

Then, on Friday, we held a Night of Victory and Vision for all the workers in the various church ministries.

This meeting seeks to thank the helpers and instill vision to press on to fulfill the goals and plans of the church.

Afterwards we took a picture of everyone present.  Which picture do you like best?