Monday, July 23, 2012

Back to the Ocean Part 1

Josue in the pool with the Joel, Amelia and his sisters.
Two weeks ago we spent three days at the beach.  It was a homecoming for us in many ways after spending four years on Guam where the Pacific Ocean was our neighbor.  Joel and Amelia had a grand time, and Jacob and Elias became acquainted with the ocean for the first time.  Marisol and I enjoyed it, too.  I have to admit that I cried for about ten minutes when I put my feet in ocean water for the first time in two years.  Leaving Guam was a big loss for us, although we felt that God was calling us back to Ecuador.

These are pictures that we took at a stop along the six-hour drive (quite the contrast from the 15 minute drive we had in Guam).
Marisol's godfather Gabriel invited us to eat seafood chowder near his home in Esmeraldas.
The chowder contained shrimp, fish, squid, snails, and I'm-not-really-sure-what else.  Delicious, though.
Amelia enjoyed her soda most of all.  You can tell that she doesn't get soda too often.
A group picture after eating.
We finally arrived to the beach.  It always impressed me, and, to a degree, sobers me to realize that on the other side of the water are people who need to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ.  May His Church stay on task to share the gospel with every creature (Mark 16:15).
We took a walk along the beach.
Smiling for the camera.
This view reminded us of Tumon Bay and Two Lovers Point in Guam.  What memories it retrieved in our minds.
More food for dinner.  Why do people eat more food on vacation than at home, we asked ourselves.
Patty, Carolina, Mayra, Irma, Christian, and Negui at dinner.  It is nice to share vacation with extended family.
Amelia and Joel with their seafood fried rice before devouring it.
Elias after his bath
Jacob and Elias together before bedtime.  Unfortunately they didn't sleep a wink the first night.  New surroundings again.
Aren't they cute?  Sorry, I had to ask.
Then it was time to get ready for bed.  Amelia, Negui, Patty, Carolina, and Joel slept the cramped space in the living room of the apartment where we stayed.

Back to the Ocean Part 2

Amelia and Joel played incessantly with their cousins Carolina and Patty in the sand and in the water.
Ned with Elias and Marisol's mother Zulema with Jacob
Zulema doing double duty with Jacob and Elias
A birthday message for Joel in the sand
Enjoying the Pacific Ocean
Eating seafood at a restaurant through the generosity of Marisol and Negui's godfather
Marisol's fish prepared in coconut milk with patacones (fried green banana cakes)
Breaded shrimp with sauce (Joel, Amelia and I ordered this)
Marisol's dad Wilson with seafood rice
We all took a boat ride to see the marine life on an island.
We saw the blue-footed boobies (on the cliff face) and the frigate birds (the bird with the red throat on the bush above the boobies).
More blue-footed boobies
Negui with her godfather Gabriel and Amelia
Marisol with Jacob on his first-ever boat ride.
Look for the pelicans here!
Joel on the boat ride.
Happy Birthday # 9 to Joel.
Eating cake and other goodies.
Negui and Elias at the party
Enjoying the pool together.
Mayra taught Zulema how to swim.
Joel swimming with Carolina and Patty.
Mayra and Negui before Negui stubbed her little toe.
The babies ran out of energy at the poolside.
Joel with a small lobster at daybreak.
Joel and Wilson on our walk along the beach looking for shells.
On the way home we took a break next to this house.
There was a stand selling coconuts and seafood.
Joel and Amelia feel asleep in the bed following devotions.  They were so tired after the six-hour drive home.