Sunday, May 24, 2009

Japan, Here We Come!

Tomorrow we're off to Japan for a week to use some of our frequent flier miles. We'll be doing a bit of siteseeing as well as visiting my good friends and supporters from my Houghton College days John and Susan Edwards and their children David, Joshua and Esther. I'm looking forward to introducing my family to them. I'll never forget attending their commissioning service to work with Send International back when Joshua was a baby. I held him in my arms. How the years go by. Amelia and Joel have enjoyed practicing with chopsticks in anticipation of our trip. We'll check in again after we return. Sayonara!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Memories of USA

Here are some pictures from our last trip to the USA in summer 2007. Hope you enjoy a quick trip down Memory Lane.

Grandma had put some snowballs in the freezer for Joel and Amelia to play with. They enjoyed playing with snow very much, something we don't have in Guam.

We spent a morning at the Exeter Community Park with my sister Laura and her children Cole and Erin.

Grandma posed with her sister Jeanne.

I love this picture of Uncle Dave with Amelia and Joel on the swing on his front porch.

Binnelly is a longtime member of our hispanic church in Reading, PA.

Here I stand with mis hermanos Carlos, Homero, Cesar and Emilio from Iglesia Bautista Betania, Reading, PA.

Cole and Joel horsed around in my parents' tent.

Marisol's former English teacher from Motivated Moms, Miss Dorothy, took us out to eat one afternoon. Please pray for her; her husband Neil suffered a stroke last year.

We were very glad to spend time with Hermana Teresa. I call her mi mamá puertorriqueña.

Joel showed one of our dear friends, Mrs. Betty, the Power Point presentation about Guam.

Mr. Floyd and Mrs. Arlene are more close friends of the family from Exeter Bible Church.

Amelia and Joel visited the seven dwarves at Melissa's parents' house in Muhlenberg.

Times spent with cousins is a cherished memory. It's one of the down sides of mission work to be far away from family.

Joel plays tag with Abby and Luke, my brother Mark's children.

We also spent a day with them at the river. Here are Luke, Joel, Emily and Lauren. . .

. . .waiting to watch Mark and me jump off the railroad bridge. I couldn't let my older brother outdo me, could I?

We visited my college pal Bill and his mother and sister Elizabeth in Dillsburg, PA.

Amelia began her obsession with cars which continues to this day.

Joel and Amelia play with their friends Nathan, Joel and Kathryn. They were our neighbors when we lived at Twin Valley Bible Chapel in Narvon, PA.

I have one great aunt left, Auntie Ann, and she is great. You never leave her house with empty hands.

Joel and Erin loved being together at Knoebel's Grove amusement park. Holding hands with her all day, Joel later said (upon returning to Guam), "I really miss Erin."

Amelia enjoys a tender moment with Grandma at the Fourth of July picnic.

We took a picture in front of our church with our friends and supporters Domingo and Crucita.

Our pastor, Tony, is great with adults and kids alike, even babies. Just ask Amelia!

Danny took Joel and Amelia for a spin. I wonder if his driver's license is in order!!!

For our last picture down Memory Lane, I offer this one of Mark, Luke and Grandpa in the 1929 Model A Ford truck that he restored. He calls it the Gospel Chariot. It is very fun to take for a ride, albeit not very easy to drive. Quite a challenge for me, but I survived.


From time to time I post pictures from the past. Here are some vintage Farnsworth pictures from our trip to Ecuador in August 2006. We visited the volcanic lagoon Cuicocha ("lagoon of the guinea pig"), complete with live air bubbles, with Marisol's parents Wilson and Zulema. Joel was 2 and Amelia 8 months.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Joel Rides the Reading Rainbow

The awards ceremony for the Reading Rainbow Young Writers and Illustrators Contest was recently held at the Guam Planet Hollywood. Joel took third place in the kindergarten division for his story "Friends of the Sea."

We all awaited the debut of Joel's reading his story with great anticipation. It will air on PBS Guam as a promo from June 1-December 1, 2009.

Joel was happy to be with the other first grade winners as Sonia announced their names.
Joel received his prizes from Dr. Sam, program manager of PBS Guam. I do not know the name of the gentleman with her.

Joel posed with all of the other winners.
Joel couldn't finish the BIG piece of cake he received.

Here we are basking in Joel's accomplishment. We had a great time at the celebration. Thanks to PBS Guam and all the corporate sponsors.

The Gang's All Here

Well, almost. This is a recent picture of most of the PIBC faculty, staff, students, and board members. We are seated at the left hand side of the photo.

Sad Day in Oz

Recently another of the Munchkins from The Wizard of Oz (my favorite movie) died. Mickey Carroll died on May 7, 2009, at the age of 89. We had the privilege of meeting Mickey at the Ozfest in Chittenango, NY (Oz author L. Frank Baum's hometown) in June 2006. He performed a little gig for us when we met him and seemed quite vivacious for his status as an octogenarian. We're glad we got to meet him. I believe that puts the known surviving munchkin total at five. Mickey's fellow Munchkin Clarence Swensen died in February at 91.

Impact Team Reunion

Recently the Liebenzell Mission Impact team from Germany that we worked with in Palau last summer held a team reunion. I wish we could have been there. Here are some pictures.

We will never forget "The LOVE Song" that they taught us. Very, very nice song with actions.

Nico, Sarah, Moni, Manuel, Chris and Anette enjoyed freshly baked pretzels for breakfast. Yum! Anette's husband Dave was playing the guitar in the first picture. We are looking forward to seeing Anette and Dave when they come to Micronesia to lead a new Impact team this summer. They will stop over in Guam for a couple of days.
Thanks to all of our Impact friends for the good memories.