Saturday, August 18, 2012


Here is a four generations picture of Marisol, her grandfather holding Jacob, her grandmother holding Elias, her mother Zulema, and Joel and Amelia up front.  We are so happy to have this picture for Jacob and Elias and Joel and Amelia to cherish later.
 Marisol's father beams as he holds Elias and Jacob.  Joel also beaming.
Look at the proud expressions of great-grandparents Enrique and Jovita holding Jacob and Elias.

German Impact Team

 We invited the Impact team for lunch a couple days before they left in August.  They came in Ecuador in September 2011.  Joel and Amelia enjoyed showing them our seashell collection from Micronesia.

Please pray for Katrin, Esther, Johanna, Micha, Susanne, Johannes, and Beni as they readjust to life in Germany.  Simone was not able to join us.

Awana Closing Program

 We have enjoyed spending time with a group from the University of Washington in Seattle.  From left to right are Maddie, Caitlyn, Adam, Tiana and Marc.

 Elias with his Aunt Negui
 Ned and Jacob

 Joel and friends
 Amelia, Zoe, and friend
These pictures are from a trip to a statue of Michael the Archangel that overlooks the city of Ibarra where we live.  It was the closing program of Awana for the year.  In the last photo Wilo is holding Jacob, Marisol Elias, and Gisela Cloe.


 These are random pictures taken on moving day, our tenth move in less than ten years of marriage, back in June.
 Elias and Jacob waiting patiently.  In this picture they almost look identical.
 We went to Marisol's parents' house where they allowed us to store our belongings for many years.  Here we are with Senora Virginia, a longtime family friend.
 Enrique Jr. (Marisol's uncle) and Enrique Sr. (Marisol's grandfather) helped us unload the truck.
 Joel helped his Ecuadorian grandfather (Abuelito Wilson) put together our master bed.
 Amelia and her cousin Zoe at the last breakfast of our previous house.
 Loading our stuff.  Our niece Cloe is peeking at the camera.
 One of Elias' last pictures at our previous house.
 Abuelita Zulema (Marisol's mom) with Cloe
 Our friend Imelda with Elias.
 Our friend Cesar with Elias.  Look at Elias' expression of happiness.  Cesar's too!
 Walking back to our house from the truck for one last item.  Marisol's dad Wilson wonders what I am up to.
 Cesar with Jacob.
 Relaxing in the new house.
 Wilson getting the mattress to the third floor the "easy" way.
 Wilo and Wilson getting a shelf up to the third floor.
Joel, Amelia, Cloe and Carolina (with one of the babies, not sure which) enjoy the swingset all our new house.

We're glad to be almost settled in by August 18, 2012.