Sunday, February 23, 2014

A Day for Biking

Yesterday my friend Lenin invited me to go biking with him.   We started at 7 AM and finished at 9:45 AM.  It was a bit longer than I expected, and a bit more strenuous also, but I survived, and it was good to spend the time with him.  He is not a Christian, but he is seeking.  He lives in Cotacachi, the town where I pastor the church, so we rode from Cotacachi to Otavalo, over back roads.
 Here is Lenin with two thumbs up.  This is mineral water directly from the Cotacachi volcano.

Another shot of me.  Can you note the exhaustion?  And we went on for another hour and a half after this break.

Cooling off before continuing.

And then in the afternoon we went biking to the park with Joel and Amelia.  Marisol rented a bike, and I pushed the twins around in their stroller.

Amelia looking for something in the stroller.

Elías and Amelia

Joel and his bike!  It was a fun day of biking adventures.

First Time Voting in Ecuador

Hey, historic day for me.  I voted for the first time as an Ecuadorian resident.  We voted for prefect (provincial leader), mayor and city council.  It made me feel more Ecuadorian than ever, and it was an emotional moment for me.  I want to "be" Ecuadorian as much as possible to be able to reach Ecuadorians Christ, and this was definitely a milestone.  I wandered around a bit looking for the school where I had to vote.  You vote by last name, and Marisol and I do not vote at the same place, so we took turns taking care of the kids.  I finally asked a policeman and he called on his radio to find out.  I arrived at the school, signed in and then voted.  It is manual here, no machines, and then everything is tabulated on paper.  I celebrated after voting by buying a homemade coconut popcicle.  Delicious, but not as sweet as my first voting experience.  Becoming more bicultural each day.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Happy 2nd, Jacob and Elias!

Two years ago, on January 28, 2014, the Lord blessed our lives with Jacob Stephen and Elías Samuel Farnsworth.  It is a bit hectic at times, and never dull, but we thank the Lord for His gifts to us.  Marisol's parents and brother came over for a pre-birthday visit.

Amelia played with them by pulling them around on their blankets.

Then, two days early, on Sunday, we celebrated with family and friends.

Jacob and Elías liked blowing out the candles.

Clapping and eating their cupcakes.

Elías takes a water break.

Then it was present time.  Jacob looks over to say thanks.

Elías receives a birthday kiss from Abuelita.

Marisol helps to open the presents.

So does cousin Zoe.

Ditto Uncle Hugo!

Aunt Gisela looks on while Elías admires his Iron Man ball.

Hugo likes the present almost more than Jacob does.

But not quite!

Enjoying a snack and playing with their new toys.

Then we had a smaller celebration on the actual day, Tuesday, January 28, 2014.


Birthday boys!

Pleased and proud!

Hearing a story from Isa.

Along with age come privileges: their first lollipop ever.  Elías had grape.

And Jacob orange.

Want a lick?

Amelia also enjoys her lollipop and the birthday celebration.