Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Service in Cotacachi

Amelia and Joel joined me for the Christmas sermon in Cotacachi.  It began with Amelia writing a letter to Santa Claus.  Then we "investigated" different possible meanings for Christmas and ended up with the true meaning of the birth of Jesus Christ in the manger in Bethlehem.

We basically presented the same skit two times with slight variations, once in Cotacachi and once in Santa Rosa, the same day.  I am grateful to Joel and Amelia for their generosity and willingness to help me.  Definitely a blessing in my life.

Party Time in Cotacachi

On December 17, we held our annual Christmas party in Cotacachi.  Héctor and Anabel served as the Masters of Ceremony.  They did a great job, complete with numerous wig changes.

I think I liked the orange wig best.

The big glasses were fun, too!

There was music.

And a Christmas skit prepared by the German Impact team.  They prepare a different skit every year, and the Impact team is comprised of different young people every year.  That's probably why the skit is different as well.

This year the skit was about a Christian tourist in Ecuador, investigating the Christmas traditions and spreading the gospel along the way.

The tourist even visited a family in their home.

I had the privilege to share a meditation about the true meaning of Christmas.

Then we enjoyed a delicious Christmas dinner of roast chicken.  God always multiplies the food.  We prepared for 200 people and 220 attended.

Christmas Day 2014

Well, we woke up and waited until after breakfast to open a few presents.  Jacob and Elías could hardly wait this year.  Last year they were rather oblivious.  What a difference a year makes in the life of a child!

Joel bought the twins toy swords, which they enjoyed trying out, immediately.

Joel and Morgan opened their gifts.

Amelia bought me a Christmas mug.

Marisol, Joel and Morgan.

Jacob with his new Magna Doodle.

And Elías with his.

Amelia is officially "FROZEN!"

Buddy artiste!

Every year we have a Christmas cookout.  Here Marisol and Joel prepared the shish kabobs.

Then they went to the grill.

Meanwhile, Amelia entertained the twins.


Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

Christmas Cookie Ministry

I write "ministry" in the title of this post because every year we bake many cookies to prepare plates to share with the neighbors.  It is our way of reaching out and making contacts with them.  We started this family tradition in 2007 and have not missed a year.

It is a family project with everyone joining in.

Even Elías and Jacob helped us this year.

After all the cookies are baked, we prepare the plates with red cellophane paper.  We include a Christmas tract in each plate.

Then we "hit the streets" to share some Christmas cheer.  This year Morgan was a big help with baking, packing, and handing out.

Make your own Christmas traditions.  It is well worth the effort and time it takes.  Memories are being made. . . .