Saturday, April 30, 2016

Hospitality, Farnsworth Style!

We have enjoyed having numerous people in our home over the past year.  Here are some highlights.  German Impact volunteer Tabea who has been teaching Joel on Thursdays recently received a visit from her parents.  They came to spent a night with us.  Thank you, Ute and Josef.
Daniel, a former Impact team member who taught Joel a couple years ago (2012/2013) visited with his lovely wife Maria.  What a wonderful reunion to see him again and to meet Maria.  They are currently doing an internship at an orphanage in Colombia.

And my dear amigos from my Haycock Mountain Brigade Camp days, Glenn and Faith Horter, spent a week with us earlier this month.  Educators in Connecticut, they visited us during their spring break.

They blessed us immensely through their visit.  It was great to catch up with them.

Liebenzell Mission Ecuador president Diego helped us enjoy the tiramisu that fellow missionary Andreas whipped up.  Absolutely delicious!
Another former Impact member, Melissa, visited us back in September.  Or was it August?

Our kids with cousins Steffi and Salome.

Marisol and I with her uncle Hector and his wife Anabel.

Jacob and Elias with Micaela around Christmas time.

Tis the season to be jolly!

Marcela, Freddy, and my dear wife Freddy.

We enjoy having amigos over to visit, and it is getting easier now that the two little ones are growing.

51 and Counting

Before April becomes a distant memory, I want to post a few birthday pictures.  I turned 51 on April 4.  Many thanks for all the birthday wishes.  We celebrated with a few friends on April 3 with taco salad, peach pinwheels, veggies and dip and apple cake.  Yum, Yum, YUM!

Sometimes I would love to know what children are thinking.  Here are Noemi and Jacob.

And with Elias too!

On April 5 the ministry team at Cotacachi surprised me with a belated celebration. (Sorry that the pictures are out of order.)

 Back to April 3!  Group picture.

Showing off my high school senior year shirt, which still fits after all these years!  Incredible but true!

April 4 breakfast.  And no, there were not 51 candles on the cake.  I would have hyperventilated!

Gifts from my darling family.

Like Tevye, I could sing "If I Were a Rich Man", and God has made me rich indeed, not materially but emotionally and spiritually!

Now on to 52!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Farnsworth Family Forum April 2016

The highways in the earthquake zone suffered much damage.  Bridges too.

Makeshift shelters serve as "homes" for those who lost their homes.

Many building collapsed in the region.

These are coffins for the unidentified bodies in Pedernales, Ecuador.

Many business establishments were affected, and looting also occurred afterwards.

 Hello to everyone!  Thanks for all your prayers and messages regarding the earthquake that occurred on Saturday, April 16, at 6:58 PM Ecuador time.  We are safe and sound; although the earthquake registered at 7.8 on the Richter scale, the major damage occurred a few hours away.  Please pray for those affected and for continuing relief efforts.  The Ecuadorian government reports 646 deaths and 12,492 injured (as of April 24); many people lost loved ones, homes, etc., and need the peace that only God offers.

¡Hola para todos!  Gracias por todos sus mensajes y oraciones por el terremoto.  Nosotros estamos salvos y sanos; aunque el terremoto se registró como 7.8 en la escala de Richter, los mayores daños pasaron a algunas horas de Ibarra.  Por favor oren por los más afectados y por los equipos de apoyo y rescate.  Hasta el 24 de abril hay 646 muertos y 12,492 heridos (cifra oficial del gobierno); mucha gente perdió a sus familiares, casas, etc., y necesitan la paz que sólo Dios les ofrece.

Walter, Neus and Pamela Pullugando
Two weeks ago we welcomed the new pastor, Walter Pullugando, and his family to the church in Cotacachi.  It was a grand day, and we are thankful for God’s provision for the spiritual life of “Amigos en Cristo” Church.  Please pray for the ongoing transition as Walter and I work together at the church in the next two months.

Hace dos semanas le dimos la bienvenida al nuevo pastor de Cotacachi, Walter Pullugando y familia.  Fue un gran día y estamos contentos por la provisión de Dios en la vida de la Iglesia “Amigos en Cristo”.  Por favor oren por la transición durante los próximos dos meses cuando Walter y yo estamos trabajando juntos en la iglesia.

Last Saturday we began a new MINTS course: Psalms.  (The course ended about two hours before the earthquake hit.  I had just arrived home following the course.)  This will be the final course that I will be coordinating before we leave for USA in late June.  A team of people will take over in my absence for one year.  Please pray for Hugo, Miguel and Miryan as they keep MINTS going during the next year.   Lord willing, we will celebrate another seminary graduation on May 28 with four or five graduates.

El sábado pasado empezamos un nuevo curso en el Seminario MINTS: Salmos.  Es el último curso que yo estaré dirigiendo antes de nuestra salida para USA al fin de junio.  Un equipo de personas estará coordinando las actividades del seminario en mi ausencia por un año.  Oren por Hugo, Miguel y Miryan en esta gran tarea que ellos asumirán.  Si Dios permite, celebraremos otra graduación el 28 de mayo con cuatro o cinco graduados.

We will be leaving Ecuador on June 23 for one year of home ministry in the USA.  Please pray that we would use our remaining time wisely and that God would help us with all the details to prepare everything for our trip.

Nosotros saldremos el 23 de junio por un año de ministerio en USA.  Oren que podamos usar sabiamente el tiempo que nos queda aquí en el Ecuador y que Dios nos ayude con los detalles para dejar preparando todo para el viaje.

Thank you for your faithful prayers and your financial support.  We appreciate your partnership in our lives as missionaries.  We hope to see you in a couple months.  God bless you.

Gracias por sus fieles oraciones y su apoyo económico.  Apreciamos su colaboración en nuestras vidas como misioneros.  Esperamos verles dentro de unos pocos meses.  Dios les bendiga.

 Ned, Marisol, Joel, Amelia, Jacob and Elias Farnsworth

Friday, April 22, 2016


Amelia in Ballet Presentation December 2015
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Here are some pictures of our "little girl" who turned 10 on December 19, 2015.  She celebrated with family and friends.

She is also our resident ballerina, getting made up by Marisol and Paty for her presentation in December.

Today she is in Quito, the capital of Ecuador, for a presentation with her advanced ballet troupe.  Way to go, Amelia!  God bless you ALWAYS!

New Family Photo.

Hi all, here is our new family photo, taken in March 2016.  Look how quickly the children are growing.  God bless you, and thanks for praying for us.  We are heading to the USA on home ministry assignment in late June and have much to accomplish before then.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Happy BELATED Birthday Jacob and Elias

On January 28 our "little" bambinos Jacob and Elias turned 4 years old, if you can believe it.  That means that we have survived TWINHOOD for other four years, and counting.  Here are some pictures from the happy occasion!

 Jacob admired his toy guitar.

 So did Elias.

In the afternoon we had another celebration with family and friends, including Negui, Tabea, and Abuelita.

 Abuelito and Cloe too.

Elias loved the strawberry ice cream most of all.

Tabea enjoyed her time with Joel and Jacob, the two J´s.

Our two visiting Liebenzell missionary friends, Angelika and Evelyn, made a special guest appearance.  Such special people indeed!