Friday, April 27, 2007

Joel's Special Friend

Jayleen is a very special friend to Joel. She stays with him on Tuesday and Thursday mornings while Marisol and Ned are in English class. She plays all kinds of games with him, reads with him, and gives him special attention. Jayleen accompanied Ned and the rest of the team to Yap on the missions trip over Christmas break and earned a special place in the heart of the entire Farnsworth family. Next month she will graduate from PIBC and move back to her home in Chuuk. Please pray for her future plans. During the summer she will participate in a missions trip to the Marshall Islands for the celebration of 150 years for the Marshallese Church. Each of the team members needs to raise over $1000 for this trip because of the high cost of airfare to the Marshall Islands. If you would like to sponsor Jayleen or another student, please let us know. Thanks for your consideration.

Melissa: Animal Lover Extraordinaire!

Today Melissa came to visit us, and this time she had a kitten with her that some of the students found under a coconut tree while they were mowing. We think that she would be a good person to start a local branch of GAIN (Guam's Animals in Need). Perhaps it could be renamed MAIN (Melissa's Animals in Need). But she is doing a good job of entertaining our children.

Happiness is. . .a helicopter!

This is true especially for Joel. Every time he sees a helicopter or an airplane he gets very excited. Of course, this is quite frequent on Guam with an air force base and an airport within several miles. Here is the picture of our visit to the hangar on Andersen Air Force Base. Photo courtesy of our neighbor Melissa ("Auntie M") Heck! Thanks!!!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Credit where Credit is due

Joel took the picture of Melissa and PeeVee. He is becoming quite a good photographer. He also knows how to spell "Farnsworth." He's way ahead of me. I couldn't even do that in first grade!

Amelia's "Best" Friend

Here is a picture of our neighbor and friend Melissa Heck with her newly returned dog PeeVee. He left only to return a couple days later. Amelia loves PeeVee very much. She even says his name very clearly. But she is not so fond of the fleas that he shares with her. We found an insect repellent that seems to work very well (Cutter Skinsations) and a lotion that helps with the pain/itching (Caladryl Clear). Now if only PeeVee could decide where he wants to live, with Melissa or his "other owners."
Here is a picture of Joel with our friend Hollie. Her husband is a Navy helicopter pilot currently deployed in Kuwait. One of Joel's highlights of his time in Guam was going to see the helicopters on Andersen Air Force Base. He beamed when he climbed up in the helicopter. Hollie has an obvious gift for relating to children as you can see in the picture. Joel loves when she visits us. She even asks him questions about The Wizard of Oz, one of his favorite things. Like father, like son. But not to worry. When he watches the movie, we fast forward through the scary parts.

Hollie's neighbor on base was going to throw the outdoor toy that you see in the picture away. Instead, she rescued it and passed it along to us. Children's smiles do not lie; Joel and Amelia will get many hours of joy from playing with it. Another reminder that "one man's trash is another man's treasure." Thanks, Hollie. Please pray for her and her husband during this time of separation and for his safety during his deployment. She will be leaving for CA next week to take summer courses towards a masters degree. We will look forward to seeing her again in the fall.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Bienvenidos a la página Farnsworth Forum

Hola, por fin estamos en el mundo de "bloggers". Aquí vamos a dar informes de nuestra vida y ministerio. Gracias por su apoyo y sus oraciones. Estamos muy contentos que podemos contar con su amistad. Marisol va a estar a cargo de esta parte del blog para que no se olvide su español. Les mandamos dos páginas de nuestros hijos para la inauguración de este sitio.

La primera foto se llama "La jardinera de la familia" (Family Gardiner), "Gemelos de pelo" (Haircut Twins), luego "Baño a la Guam" (Bath Guam Style).

Welcome to Farnsworth Forum

Hello there, and welcome to our blog which we had planned to do a few months ago. Hopefully the adage "Better late than never" also refers to blogging. We hope that you can regularly check in to see how we are doing. And please pray and keep us accountable to remain faithful in the wonderful world of blogging. Special thanks to our neighbor and friend Melissa Heck for taking the time to help us set this up. Hopefully I won't blow up the computer, if that is possible!!!! And we hope to also blog in Spanish in the near future. That will give Marisol an extra task, not that she needs anything more to keep her busy. Joel and Amelia do a great job at that!
The picture that we posted to inaugurate our site is from January. Melissa took it for us at the campus of our church, Bayview Baptist Church. The view is indeed a view of Agaña Bay and the crystal clear water Guam is known for. So please come and visit us. You are always welcome!!!