Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Clowning Around

Here are some pictures of Joel, Amelia and our friend Isabella with Jingles the Clown. She entertained at a birthday party we attended a few weeks ago. Seeing Jingles in action gave me the clowning bug again.

Eventful Weekend

The tropical storm stayed away, for which we thank the Lord.

Joel helped us wash the car on Friday. You wouldn't have known it two days later when we got stuck in the mud on our way to a special meeting at Harvest Baptist Church. I was covered with mud from pushing it out of the hole with two men who stopped to help us. At least it was I who got covered with mud and not the good Samaritans. One never knows what an exciting weekend will bring. Marisol rewashed the car today. Thanks, Marisol and Joel!
Our friend from cell group, Juliet, made Amelia a beautiful dress with accompanying purse and barrette. Amelia is going to be the accessories queen when she gets older. Thanks, Juliet!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Pacific Islands Dispatch September 2009

Much has happened since our last update. Pacific Islands Bible College became Pacific Islands University, Joel graduated from kindergarten, another year of home school began, and Amelia joined Awana Cubbies.

Pacific Islands Bible College officially became Pacific Islands University on July 1. This reflects the expansion of the institution with a seminary degree and plans for a liberal arts Christian college. Currently Ned is teaching two on-campus courses (Ministry Introduction and Introduction to World Missions) as well as the Evangelism course at Guam Department of Corrections (prison). Please pray for his DOC students Cezar, Isidro, Jay, and Jesse. Teaching three classes provides quite a stretch for Ned as he balances other PIU tasks and family and church responsibilities. Please pray for his weekly class preparations.

Joel celebrated his sixth birthday and kindergarten graduation on July 11. Surrounded by good friends and “family,” we marveled at God’s goodness and Joel’s accomplishments. He enjoyed wearing his red gown and reading a poem called “Growing.” Pray for Joel as he continues to grow, learn, and serve Jesus.

In early August we resumed home school for a second year. Marisol continues to teach Joel (first grade) and Amelia (K3) on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, and Ned teaches the other days. Joel looks forward to his swimming lessons on Tuesdays and Thursdays and also takes piano lessons with Daddy. We cherish this time with our children. Pray that we will be good teachers and parents to them.

September 9 marked the beginning of the new Awana year at Bayview Church. Joel is a second-year Sparky and Amelia a first-year Cubbie. She feels like “a big girl” now and likes to memorize her memory verses. Marisol serves in the nursery and Ned in Cubbies. Please pray for all of us as we participate in this ministry.

We ask for special prayer for Marisol’s driving test on December 18, 2009, at 9:45 am.

Please continue to pray for housing for us in the Berks County, PA, area for our furlough next year.

In these troubling economic times we thank you for your faithful support, prayers, and friendship. The Lord has continued to meet all of our needs each month through your gifts and love. God bless you.

Buenas noches

I will close this blogging session by posting a cute picture of Amelia and Joel as they rested together one night. Sweet dreams to all of our faithful blog readers. God bless you!

Journey into Missions

This semester I have the privilege of teaching the Pacific Islands University course, Introduction to World Missions. Although impossible to condense all the available material into one semester, I enjoy learning alongside my 26 students.

Betty Amon visited our class one Monday night and shared how God is using her to translate the Bible into the Nukuoran language of Pohnpei. She hopes to finish this translation project with the rest of her team within the next two-and-a-half years. Her visit inspired us all as she related the blessings and challenges she faces.

At the beginning of the semester I divided the class into groups, and they complete short assignments that I give them during each class. Last week they read one of Paul's sermons and then applied it to a modern setting by presenting short skits. This is much more interesting than having me babble on about the passages, and it encourages corporate learning. A two-and-a-half hour evening class poses a challenge to keep everyone engaged and interested. Group work certainly helps.

Experimenting with Science

We have been enjoying doing science experiments this year in home school. Last year we did not have science class, so it's been a new experience for all of us. We haven't blown anything up, at least not yet!

Cubby Bear Amelia

Amelia is so pleased to be in Awana this year instead of the nursery, and I am pleased to have her in my group. So far she has memorized
1 John 4:10, Romans 3:23 and Romans 5:8. It excites Marisol and me to see her hiding God's word in her heart. She also enjoys playing with the parachute during game time with Miss Jan. Of course, Joel is thriving in his second year as a Spark. Pictures of him will follow soon.

Bayview Teacher Training

Our church, Bayview Baptist, asked me to teach a four-hour session for the children's ministry workers last month. In the morning session we looked at ways to make the Bible lesson more dynamic and interactive. For this session I gleaned most of the information from material prepared by our Liebenzell colleague and dear friend in Ecuador, Gyongyver Luz. Of course, I translated it from Spanish to English!!! I give thanks to God for all that she taught me during our time in Ecuador. Everyone raved about the morning session.
For the afternoon I shared techniques that have worked for me in sharing the gospel with children. Again, much of what I presented I received from a training for a Child Evangelism Fellowship camp. It is always a pleasure to share what I've learned with others for God's glory. Thanks to each person who participated. As I told them during the training, I know that they were not there because they didn't have anything else to do. It is a commitment, and that mean a lot to me as the presenter. To God be the glory!!!