Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Welcome, New Impacts!

In September the new German Impact team arrived.  They traveled around to the different churches to introduce themselves.  Here they are in Cotacachi: (from left) Niklas, Constantin, Tobias, Aenni, Tabea, Regina and Thomas.

And Beate, too, playing the piano to Niklas' guitar.

The whole team together.  Welcome to Ecuador, Impacts!  We look forward to working with you during this next year.

13 Years and Counting

Sometimes I feel so behind that I am racing to keep up with the world.  That happened recently when I posted about my son Joel's birthday in July.  Well, here I am again, celebrating our thirteenth anniversary on the blog.  God has blessed my life so much through Marisol.  She is my friend, my confidant, my helpmate, my lover and my conscience at times, helping me see things about myself and my walk with God as well as my ministry that I cannot see myself...

On July 7 we celebrated thirteen years as man and wife.

Joel and Amelia were at a sleepover with some German volunteers, so we put Jacob and Elías to bed early and had a rare night at home alone.

So we decorated, dressed up, made a snack...

And went "out on the town" here in our own dining room.  It was nice to laugh together, reflect on the past and energize for the future.

Thanks, God, and thanks, Marisol, for the memories.  Now on to year fourteen!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Yahuarcocha Lagoon Crossing

 Joel and Amelia trained for the 500 meter crossing of the Yahuarcocha lagoon which was today at 8:30 am.  After they finished the race, we rushed home, ate breakfast, showered and changed and headed off to church.  Elias and Jacob went prepared with their trusty binoculars.

A couple weeks ago, one Saturday morning, Joel and Amelia joined their teammates and their coach Jorge for a practice run.

Before the practice swim they did warmup exercises.

Our swimmers posed for a photo before their practice turn in the lagoon.

The first swimmers came in with a splash.

Joel and Amelia came in strong and sure.

Here is a picture of the group today before taking off for the race.

On your mark, get set, GO!

Joel and Amelia did very well, earning their participation medals with flair.  We are very proud of their performance in the race!

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Amelia Farnsworth, Guitarist

During the summer Amelia took guitar lessons at the Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana here in Ibarra.  You can see some of the artwork on display at the cultural center.  Here is a painting based on the earthquake in Ibarra in 1868.  It is explained below in Spanish.

This is a statue of Pedro Moncayo, educator and Ibarra native.  El Parque Pedro Moncayo in the historical district is named after him.

Here is a bust of Teodoro Gómez, another ibarreño and educator.  One of the high schools here in Ibarra is named after him.

Amelia had a good relationship with her guitar teacher, Daniel.  She took classes Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9 am to noon.

The different music classes held a closing program that Amelia participated in.

Jacob attended, but did not want his picture taken.

Elías was more cooperative.

Then he changed his mind.

The director of the Ibarra chapter of the Casa de la Cultura made opening remarks.

Amelia's group played two songs: "El aguacate" and "Yo tengo un amigo que me ama".  Amelia had suggested the secon (Christian) song.

Here are Daniel and Amelia after she received her certificate.

A violin group played,

and a choir sang.  We thought that Amelia's group presented the best performance.  However, we may not be too objective!

Christmas Cantata Rehearsal

We are preparing for a Christmas cantata to be presented 5 times in December.  The title is "Felices Fiestas" ("Happy Holidays") by Greg and Gail Skipper, published by Casa Bautista de Publicaciones.

We started with over 40 voices; now we are down to 34.  People are dropping out for other commitments and other reasons.

Please pray for us that the other singers hold out and do not quit.  We need the people, especially the men.

Independently a group is preparing the drama whose scenes will alternate with the choir's songs.  Amelia will play one of the children in the play.

Thanks for your prayers as we continue to rehearse and prepare.

Introduction to New Testament

Our most recent MINTS Seminary class was Introduction to New Testament, taught by student favorite Luis Carlos. 

Lunch is always a good time to enjoy and chat together.

Over 30 people attended the class, including 18 for credit.  This was the biggest class of students for MINTS in Ibarra since returned to Ecuador in August 2011.  Currently the students are working on their reading assignments and essays.

Next class: Ecclesiology (Doctrine of the Church) on November 7, from 8:00 am through 5 pm.