Sunday, June 15, 2014

Work Day in Cotacachi

Yesterday we held a general work day at the Amigos en Cristo Church in Cotacachi.  I am very pleased at the turnout and the amount of work that we were able to do.  We are getting ready for the arrival of a group of 22 people from Pennsylvania who will be coming on a missions trip, starting June 20 and running through June 28.  Please pray for them, and us, too!  Thanks.

Mother's Day/Father's Day

Here are some Mother's Day pictures taken after getting home from church.

Then we went to visit Marisol's mother in Santa Rosa.

Here are some Father's Day photos taken with our Ecuadorian soccer shirts.  The national team played against Switzerland today in the World Cup, losing 2-1 in the final minute.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Happy Birthday Abuelita!

Today we celebrated Marisol's mother's birthday by going out to eat.

Then Joel and Amelia gave their abuelita her presents.

They love her so!!!!

World Cup 2014

Yesterday Jacob and Elias modeled their Ecuadorian soccer team shirts in support of Ecuador's participation in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.  Go Ecuador!!!!

Home School Closing Program

Today we help our annual home school closing program to mark the beginning of summer.

First we pledged to the Ecuadorian flag by singing the national anthem of Ecuador.

The U.S. national anthem and pledge to the American flag followed.

Then Jacob and Elías held the Bibles as we pledged to the Bible.

Our home school helper Isabel introduced Joel and Amelia.

Joel recited "The Village Blacksmith" by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

Then Amelia recited "A Thank You Prayer."

Even Jacob helped.

We are grateful for Isabel, Stefan and Tamara who helped us teach Joel and Amelia this school year.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

At Home with the Farnsworths

Joel poses with our home school helper Isabel.  Isabel will return to Germany next Monday after spending 10 months with us.  We will miss her very much.

Play time with the little ones and the big ones.
Jacob in a rare quiet moment.

Snack time at the Farnsworths.

Jacob and Amelia snapping beans.

Jacob and his measuring cup helmet!

He is well-protected from harm.

Elías with his lado sucio (dirty-sided blanket).  He wants to hold it only at the dirty side!  We struggle to find a time to wash it.

Lino Fino

Last Friday the Christian rap artist from Quito, LINO FINO, presented a concert in Cotacachi.  His most popular song is a pro-life rap called "No apagues mi luz" ("Don't Turn Off My Light" would be the title in English.  I was impressed with his artistry but even more with his humility.  May God bless him and continue to use him for His glory!

Parenting Conference

Last week we held a parenting conference at the church in Cotacachi with Daniel Gónzalez of Palabra de Vida (Word of Life) Ecuador.  The average age in Cotacachi for young people to start drinking alcohol and taking drugs is 11!!!!  We are concerned and want to help parents.  Daniel spoke one night on the topics of "Building Friendships with your Children" and the other night on "How to Help Your Children Resist Temptation."  The first night had better attendance than the second, but we are pleased that we could offer this conference.  Here is a picture of Daniel with his wife Ana.

Toddler Sunday School

Jacob and Elías are attending their Sunday School class now.  Sometimes one or both of them does not want to stay in the class without Marisol; that makes it hard for her since I am often busy preaching in another church.  Please pray that both of them would enjoy and stay in the class with each other.  Thanks.

Christ-Centered Preaching

Our new seminary course, Predicación Cristo-Céntrica, began on May 31, taught by Pastor Dagoberto from Quito.  We have seven students who are taking the course for credit in Ibarra.  Please pray for them as they complete their assignments.  They need to prepare a sermon or lesson to record as an MP3 file for their final project.

Fun in the Yard

Our turtle showing off!

A visit from Lisa of the Liebenzell USA office.  She even interviewed us!

A vermillion flycatcher visisted us, too.  Beautiful bird.

Here's another view of the redbird.

Just love this picture of Jacob and Amelia on the trampoline.  We are so thankful that our two big ones love their twin brothers.  That is such a blessing!