Friday, December 4, 2015

Christmas Preparations

Christmas is coming!  Here we are in Quito enjoying the decorations in the shopping malls!

Making funny faces.

This is Elias and Jacob's response when they realized the presents were not real!!!

Every Christmas the children read a Bible verse and open a small gift each day from December 1 to December 24.  Call it the 24 Days of Christmas.

Amelia helped Elías open his first Christmas bag.

Posing with their Looney Toons figures.

Yesterday the church folks joined with the Ecuador Project Hope volunteers to fill Christmas bags for the senior citizens luncheon this coming Monday.

 A smile from Kim!

Please pray for us as we share Jesus' love from the folks on Monday.

The Christmas tree went up yesterday at the Ecuador Farnsworths.

Merry Christmas to all from Farnsworth Family Forum.  Feliz Navidad para todos.

Play Practice for Christmas Cantata

We are hard at work for the Christmas play that goes between the choir number in our cantata Felices Fiestas.  Amelia is one of the participants; she plays Paty and Christian's daughter Lea.

Andrea, Emilia and Diego are the other actors in the drama.

As the date for the first presentation nears, we moved into the church sanctuary to practice.  Currently we are finalizing all the details for the publicity, permits, sound, lights, costumes, etc.  Please pray for the following presentations:

IGLESIA "PUENTE DE AMOR", Ibarra, Sunday, December 13, at 8 and 11 AM.
TEATRO GRAN COLOMBIA, Ibarra, Fridady, December 18, at 8 PM.
IGLESIA "AMIGOS EN CRISTO," Cotacachi, Sunday, December 20, at 8:30 AM.
IGLESIA "EMANUEL", Atuntaqui, Sunday, December 27, at 9:30 PM.

Thanks so much for your prayers and support.

Happy Thanksgiving 2015 from Farnsworth Family Forum!

Greetings from Ecuador!  ¡Saludos desde Ecuador!

We thank God for you!  We celebrate you this Thanksgiving.  We also thank God for His grace and mercy in our lives.  Recent events have reminded us to cherish what we have and work to maintain our relationship with God.

Le damos gracias a Dios por todos ustedes.  Celebramos con ustedes este Día de Dar Acción de Gracias; también damos gracias a Dios por su gracia y misericordia en nuestras vidas.  Tenemos que apreciar lo que tenemos y luchar para mantenernos cerca a Dios.

Please pray for the Christmas cantata that Ned is directing.  Amelia is part of the play that goes between the songs.  We have five presentations: two at Puente de Amor Church in Ibarra on December 13 (8 and 11 am); one at the historic Gran Colombia Theatre in Ibarra on December 18 (8 pm); one at Amigos en Cristo Church in Cotacachi (8:30 am); and one at Emanuel Church in Atuntaqui (9:30 am) on December 27.  Many choir members have dropped out in the last few weeks, and we are praying that the rest persevere to the end.

Oren por favor por la cantata navideña que Ned está dirigiendo.  Amelia está participando en el drama.  Tenemos cinco presentaciones: 2 en la Iglesia Puente de Amor en Ibarra el 13 de diciembre (8 y 11 am); 1 en el Teatro Gran Colombia en Ibarra el 18 de diciembre a las 8 pm; 1 en la Iglesia Amigos en Cristo el 20 de diciembre a las 8:30 am; y 1 en la Iglesia Emanuel en Atuntaqui el 27 de diciembre a las 9:30 am.  Muchos miembros del coro se han retirado del coro en las últimas semanas, y estamos orando que el resto persevere hasta el final.

Next weekend a candidate for the full-time pastor job in Cotacachi will visit.  Please pray for Giovanny, Pamela and their daughter’s visit and for wisdom for all as a subsequent decision is made.  Ideally a new pastor would arrive by early next year for a time of transition with Ned before we leave for our furlough in PA next June.

El próximo fin de semana un candidato para el pastorado en Cotacachi nos visitará.  Oren por la visita de Giovanny, Pamela y su hija y por sabiduría para todos en esta decisión.  Sería bueno que el nuevo pastor llegara a principios del nuevo año para tener un tiempo de transición con Ned antes de nuestra salida en junio 2016 para estar un año en USA.

Please keep praying for home school and our helpers Lauren, Beate and Tabea (Beate and Tabea are German Impact Team members and each come one day a week to help Lauren teach).  Ned helps two days (one day with Joel and one day with Amelia), and Marisol teaches Spanish two days a week.  If all goes well, we should finish school the first week of May.

Sigan orando por la escuela en casa y nuestras ayudantes Lauren, Beate y Tabea (Beate y Tabea son miembros del equipo Impacto de Alemania y cada una le ayuda a Lauren un día a la semana).  Ned enseña dos días a la semana (un día con Joel y un día con Amelia), y Marisol enseña español dos días a la semana.  Si todo va bien, debemos terminar las clases la primera semana de mayo.

That is all the news for this month.  Thanks for praying for us.  Son las noticias para este mes.  Gracias por orar por nosotros.

God bless you.  Dios les bendiga.

HERE ARE SOME THANKSGIVING PHOTOS FOR YOU.  Thank you, God, for all your blessings.
Gracias Dios por todas tus bendiciones. 

Official Farnsworth Family Forum Tom turkeys Elías and Jacob.

Turkey before picture.  20 pounds!  Sorry, no after picture this year, but it was divine.  Golden brown outside and JUICY inside.  Best ever.  Thanks God.

Our friend Marisol is a WHIZ peeling potatoes.  A HUGE help!

Ned told the Thanksgiving story to all the invited guests.

Joel, Diego, Edison and friend Marisol enjoyed the meal.

So did Jacob, Elías and Philippi, WV, Farnsworth in residence, Lauren!

Our amiga Marisol and Amelia.

 Jacob eating corn.
Elías tasted EVERYTHING!

Apple pie and vanilla ice cream and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies for dessert.

We prepared homemade cranberry sauce this year using dried berries.  Much better than the canned stuff.