Saturday, June 29, 2013

Feliz cumpleaños, Zulema

Celebrating Marisol's mamá's birthday.  You probably all think that all we do is PARTY.  Well, we do work sometimes also.  HA!  But it is nice to have family here to spent special times with.

So Long, Farewell to the Milláns

We recently bid adieu to the Millán family (Germán, Luz Marina, Mariana and Natalia), who ran our mission's center in Lita for seven years.  They are returning to their native Colombia.  They will be missed.  Please pray for God's provision for new caretakers of that property.

Radio Tower Work Day

Last week my father-in-law Wilson, his friend Gilberto and I went up the mountain to our Radio Punto tower to spray the thistles and weeds.  We do this a few times each year.  It was a beautiful day, and I appreciated their help.

Father's Day Tea

Amelia planned a surprise tea party for me that awaited me after my radio shift.  We all spent a nice time together!

Celebrating Father's Day

Thank you, God, for the gift and responsibility of being a father!  Help me leave my children a legacy worth remembering!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Family Pics

 Here are some pictures from our prayer card photo session.  This is Imbabura volcano overlooking the city of Ibarra where we live.  Population 130,000 people.
 Cute picture of Elias.
 Jacob and Elias.
Us with Yahuarcocha lagoon behind us.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

End of Home School Year Program

Today we held a special program to mark the end of the home school year.  We invited our teacher helpers to attend.

Mirjam (left) works with Joel on Tuesdays and Sarah (right) works with Amelia on Tuesdays.  Daniel, who works with Joel on Wednesdays, was sick and unable to attend.  All three are members of the Liebenzell German Impact team which serves in Ecuador each year (with different participants) from October to August.

We started by singing the Ecuadorian national anthem.

Joe followed by leading the United States national anthem and pledge.

Amelia led the pledge to the Christian flag,

and Joel the pledge to the Bible.

Joel delivered his oral book report on Look Who's Playing First Base by Matt Christopher.

He did it with vitality and enthusiasm.

Then Sarah introduced her student Amelia.

Amelia recited "God Gave Me Eyes" by Olive Burt.

Mirjam and Joel

Sarah and Amelia

The four teachers and students.  You can see the love they have for each other.

Then we had the essential snack time.

Wonderful fellowship.

Even Jacob got in on the action.  Elias was sleeping.

We thank God for the help of Mirjam, Sarah, and Daniel.  Not sure that we could have done home school this year without them, at least not without losing our sanity.  In September another German helper is coming to spend the year with us.  More about that later.