Monday, May 9, 2011

Cute Cousins

We recently visited Uncle Ed, Aunt Heidi, Spencer and Mason in Leesburg, Va, where we attended a presentation of "Conversations" at Reston Bible Church, where Ed serves as Executive Pastor and Pastor of Music. It was nice for Joel and Amelia to spend time with their oldest cousins.

From Animal to Food

The buffaloes in action at a nearby farm where we bought some meat.

The cook in action.

The buffalo meat in action as a delicious stew.

Pithole Site

Amelia sported her new bonnet which we bought for her at the Drake Well Gift Shop on the way to Pithole City Site, where the workers lived during the oil boom in the Titusville, PA area.

It looks like the ghost town that it became in 1868 after having 15,000 residents just three years earlier at the height of the oil boom in western PA.