Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Learning to Drive

Here are Jacob and Elias with their newest toys, an early Christmas present.  We are praying for no serious traffic accidents!

Three cousins

Elías, Cloe and Jacob on the back of Abuelito's truck in Santa Rosa.

Naughty Turtle

 Our turtle recently came through the back door, into the kitchen. . .

And headed straight for the cabinets until we put him back outside where he belongs.

Sunday Afternoon at the Ecuador Farnsworths

Amelia at her backyard restaurant.  I ordered the "lemonade" made out of dandelions flowers.

Our turtle took a bath as a reprieve from the heat.

The four kids enjoyed the sprinkler.

Elias with his orange bucket.

Jacob with his blue watering can.

Our four cutie petuties.

Joel and his lookalike.  Joel's pictures from his baby days are almost identical to Jacob now.

The turtle climbed through the plastic bench.

And went on his way.

Even the turtle liked the sprinkler.

Jacob and Elías. . .

Eating Chex Mix.

The four Farnsworth kiddos!

Marisol poking her head out of the upstairs window to spy on the action.

Our wonderful home school helper Isabel with some "prizes" that Elías gave her from our kitchen cabinet.  It was a delightful Sunday afternoon.  Sheer bliss.  So glad to have moments to share with the family.  Thanks, God.  You are good!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Latest MINTS Class

Last month we had our lates MINTS class, Covenant Doctrine, taught by missionary Fred Jonkman.  The class explains God's covenant with man that traces throughout all the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.  Please pray for the ten students who are taking the class for credit and for me as I guide and help them in our weekly classes to review their reading assignments.

Day of the Dead 2013

 Every November 2 Ecuador celebrates el Día de Finados, or Day of the Day.  We started the day with a rainbow.

I always get up early and make the typical Pan de Muertos from Mexico, sweetened with Splenda (my innovation) so that my diabetic mother-in-law can indulge.

Marisol's family always invites us to spend the day.  Most of the day we babysat Jacob and Elías.  Here Marisol shows Elías the family guinea pigs, raised not as pets but for eating on special occasions.  Sorry, animal lovers!

 Marisol's sister Miryan, her mother Zulema, and sister-in-law Gisela help with the bread making.  Joel helped with EVERYTHING that day!

Marisol also took Elías to taste the grapes ripe for picking.

Jacob was sleeping in the car.

 Even the kitten had a taste of bread.

Amelia and her cousin Zoe made little figures, o guaguas de pan, out of the bread.  This is typical in Ecuador.

 Everyone got into the action.

Pans of bread waited their turn in the ovens.

The figures are shaped and colored with food coloring.

Joel patiently shaped his figure.

MÁS PAN, more bread!

The neighbors raise peaches for selling.  Currently the trees are in bloom!

Jacob and I with Señora Virginia, a close family friend.

Bread now out of the oven.

Joel with his cherished bread giraffe which he made.

The typical colada morada, made with purple corn flour, blueberries, strawberries, babaco, blackberries, and herbs.  Yummy, Yummy, YUMMY.  ¡Deliciosa!

 Jacob and Elías with their bread horses, courtesy of Marisol.

Jacob saboreando.  Jacob tasking his horse.

 Amelia and her creation, a bread dolly!  Now no more pan de finado nor colada morada until next November 2.