Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Thank You for Praying

Thank you for praying for my dad's heart valve replacement last Tuesday.  The doctors were extremely pleased with how the operation went, and he was released to go home on Friday.  Currently he and Mom are staying with my sister Heidi and family in Leesburg, Virginia.  Thanks to Heidi and Laura for their wonderful caregiving and love that allows us to stay here in Ecuador and not be worried about Mom and Dad.  We appreciate all the prayer support.  God bless you all.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

It's the Easter Twins, Charlie Brown!

We enjoyed our first Easter weekend with Jacob and Elias, well actually, not the first one.  They were a couple months old last year, but this year they participated much more in the celebration for obvious reasons.

We enjoyed the leftover fanesca, the typical soup made and consumed on Good Friday each year in Ecuador.

Who is hiding behind the water pitcher?


A close up of the fanesca, with cheese, hard-boiled egg, fried wheat balls, and fried ripe cooking bananas.  YUMMY!  The soup itself is quite a chore to make with many different ingredients.

Who is hiding under the table?  JACOB STEPHEN FARNSWORTH BEDOYA!

Yes, we colored Easter eggs!

Perfectionist at work.  JOEL MARK FARNSWORTH BEDOYA!

The first Easter egg found during the annual hunt by ELIAS SAMUEL FARNSWORTH BEDOYA!

A good day enjoyed by all the FARNSWORTH BEDOYA familia!

A Day at the Park

Last week we spent an afternoon at the park next to the Yahuarcocha volcanic lagoon, right near the restaurant where we had our wedding reception on July 7, 2002.  All of us enjoyed swinging, walking, going on the pulley cable, just being together.  You can see that from the attached pictures.  We also saw a crane up close.  Neat!

Jacob's Babysitters

Jacob has three very special babysitters and caregivers: abuelito Wilson, hermano Joel and hermana Amelia.


We recently found the twins in a grey plastic container and a cicada in our house, all in the same day.  Amazing stuff happens in the Farnsworth casa!

Oral Book Report

All of us enjoyed watching Joel's first-ever oral book report based on the book The Kid Who Only Hit Homers by Matt Christopher.  He did a nice job; all of us were proud of him.  He and Amelia both dressed up for the occasion.

Older (!) and Wiser (?)

On April 4 I turned 48 and we celebrated with chicken a la king (courtesy of Marisol) and roasted guinea pig (courtesy of my mother-in-law Zulema).  I am officially older and not sure about the wiser part.  The students of the Bible Institute also honored me that evening, but no pictures of my blushed face were available from that event.  Sorry.

P.S.  I added the first three pictures last, and they appeared out of order.  Just wanted you to see the flowers that Marisol's brother Hugo gave me (carnations, my favorites) and a pic of the twins eating the birthday cake.  ENJOY!