Friday, December 27, 2013

Cantata Wows Audience

I am very pleased and proud of my choir members for their three cantata presentations this Christmas.  On Sunday we faced a bit of a crisis as two of our singers were unable to perform due to unforeseen circumstances.  But God and the choir members came through, and the message of Christmas through song arrived to the hearts of the people in attendance.  Thanks for your prayers; God answered in a BIG way!  To Him be the glory!

Sharing Christmas

Each Saturday morning we go to the fair to buy fruits and vegetables for the week.  On Saturday we took a small Christmas gift to each of the vendors.  It is nice to be able to share the love of Christmas with others, and we hope to be a blessing in their lives in the coming year.

First Cantata Presentation

Last Thursday the choir at the Puente de Amor church presented their first Christmas cantata ever at the Liebenzell Bible institute.  Everyone did a fine job, and it was an exciting night for all.

Santa Rosa Cell Group Celebration

The Santa Rosa cell group invited us to participate in their Christmas celebration.  Joel and I played some piano duets and led Christmas carols.  The cell group leaders performed an evangelistic skit and served a Christmas meal for all.  It was a blessing for the Ecuador Farnsworths to take part.

Christmas Bags

We try to have a Christmas project each year to help others.  This year we packed over 30 bags of cookies and candy for the children of Cotacachi, the city where Ned serves as lead pastor.  The bags will be distributed by the children's workers at the church.  Even Jacob and Elías helped us pack the bags.

Planting Guam in Ecuador

We drove by a house that had a plumeria last week.  We pulled over and asked if we could buy a shoot to plant.  Well, the lady sold us a BIG branch for $2 that we cut into two parts.  It is SO NICE to have a little bit of Micronesia with us here in Ecuador, and we are hoping that they two plants survive, or at least one of them.

Ready for Action

Jacob is the only person I know who wears a helmet to sweep the floor!!!!

Field Trip to Cuicocha

On Black Friday we took a field trip to volcanic lagoon Cuicocha (name means lagoon of the guinea pig in Quichua).  It was nice to ahve a day off from school with all the family and Isabel, our home school helper from Germany.  Elias liked the boat ride, Jacob not so much.

To the Radio Tower

A couple weeks we headed to the radio antenna to check on something.  From up on top we had a great view of Ibarra.  Jacob and Elías especially liked seeing the sheep grazing below the tower.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Christmas Cantata

For this Christmas season I formed a choir at one of our mission churches in Ecuador, Puente de Amor.  The choir, consisting on 22 people (two are missing from the photo), will perform "The Colors of Christmas" three times: on Thursday, Dec. 19, at 8:30 PM at our Bible Institute Christmas party, and twice on Sunday, Dec. 22, during the 8:00 and 11:00 AM services.  I am very proud of their work, and we pray for God to be glorified as we present the program.  May the true meaning of Christmas arrive to the hearts of the people who see and hear us.  Please pray for us.  Thanks.

Christmas in Cotacachi

On Wednesday night we treated the people of Amigos en Cristo Church and their guests to a wonderful Christmas program, complete with Christmas carols; a Christmas play presented by the German Impact Team that boasted singing and guitar playing animals, dancing shepherds, and a Quichua innkeeper;a Christmas reflection by our very own Pastor Diego Galarza; and a yummy meal served by smiling waiters and waitresses.  I was the master of ceremonies, but wisely stayed out of the photo session!