Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Happy Belated Father's Day to All DADS everywhere!
The Sunday School teachers asked Joel and Amelia to participate in a short program for the fathers at our church.  Marisol and I were very proud to see them up front with the other children selected.
This is my official Father's Day photo for 2012 with Jacob, Elias, Amelia and Joel.
We have appreciated Marisol's father Wilson and all his help to our family since we arrived in Ecuador last August.  Here he is with his grandson Jacob.
I am thankful for my Dad and all he has done to teach me about life.  I am especially glad for the spiritual heritage that he has given me, teaching me always about the Lord and leading by example.  This is a picture of Dad with Joel and Amelia and their cousins Cole and Erin on Father's Day last year.

Five months and counting

Amelia likes to play with Jacob and Elias in their crib.  They love the attention she gives them.
Jacob likes going around the house on Daddy's shoulders.
We recently said good-bye to our friend Anne from Germany, who served as a volunteer in Ecuador for almost one year.  Good-byes are not our favorite part of missionary work.
Hard to believe, but our little cuties are almost five months old.  Where does the time fly to?