Monday, April 30, 2012

Three months and counting

 Here are some pictures of the two Farnsworth bambinos.  They turned three-months-old on April 28.

Elias is our little smiley boy!
Proud big brother Joel with Jacob

 Amelia likes to help us take care of the babies.
Jacob playing upside down

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Family Birthdays

Cake baker and party organizer extraordinaire Ruth Marisol Bedoya Palacios de Farnsworth (her oficial Ecuadorian name)!

Last week we celebrated abuelito Wilson's birthday. What fun we have with our family get-togethers, especially after our being out of the country for so many years.

Yesterday we invited the Luz family for lunch to help us celebrate my BIG day. Mirjam helped to take care of Elias after lunch.

Marlene, with Jacob, likes to hold our babies.

Joel was overjoyed to play Legos with Benjamin and Mark after lunch.

We were happy to have time with the Luz family before they leave Ecuador on April 30 after 13 years of ministry here. I stayed with Edgar, Gyongyver, Mirjam and Marlene when I first came as a Liebenzell missionary back in April 2001. Benjamin and Mark have joined the family since then.

Two Wizard of Oz fans

Last night Marisol's parents and sister Negui surprised us by coming over for supper and cake. Jacob kept Abuelita Zulema busy all night!

Jacob looks on at his first birthday celebration for Daddy!

Blowing hard. It's getting harder every year.

I celebrated my birthday yesterday, along with Robert Downey, Jr. We both turned 47, and we both had kids this year. Jacob Stephen and ELIAS Samuel were born into our family on January 28 in Quito, and on February 8 Exton ELIAS was born to Robert and Susan Downey in California. I think it's funny that both of us named our kids ELIAS.

Joel and Amelia made an M&M smile for my cake.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Pseudo Update

Hey everyone, some of you have been begging for an update. We're not much at blogging or Facebooking of late, but we wanted to check in with you.

So far we are surviving TWINHOOD. There are hard days and some days that are somewhat easier, but for you parents out there, we all know that parenthood is NOT a cinch and it is a LIFE SENTENCE. One thing that we know for sure is that God's grace is sufficient for each new day.

Jacob and Elias are over two months already and growing like little weeds. Joel and Amelia are WONDERFUL siblings and love their little brothers very much. J and A like to go to Awana, ride their bikes and take swimming lessons.

Marisol is SUPERMOM and doing a great job with all four kids, pulling most of the weight of home school with a bit of help from me.

I am doing well, a bit behind in my work and trying to keep up with the reading for my current seminary class and students. My visa was approved and I had the stamps placed in my passport today. So glad that hurdle is over. Thanks for your prayer support. Now on to the next paperwork (my two Ecuadorian IDs, the babies' US birth certificates, S.S. number applications, US passports, Ecuadorian ID cards, Ecuadorian passports, plus our insurance claims, 2012 tax forms, etc. My goodness, will the paperwork never end?

Radio Punto has a BIG event coming up on May 25. Please pray for us as we plan. More details to follow soon.

We praise the Lord for the gift of Joel, Amelia, Jacob and Elias, for this responsibility that has been entrusted to us and pray every day that we be good parents to our four children.

Thanks for following our blog and for your interest in our family.

With love,

Ned, Marisol, Joel, Amelia, Jacob and Elias

Our cutie petuties

Here are Joel and Amelia with our friend Ely at the opening night party for her first music CD.

I like this picture of Elias.

Jacob, our little pretzel boy

Liebenzell Mission Retreat

Beautiful setting for our retreat!

Elias and Jacob "relax" (at least for a minute) in our room.

Yulie, Jacob and Mari

Amelia and Mirjam

Joel and friends

Negui and Jacob

Jacob and Elias at lunch

The rest of us at lunch

Elias and Caleb

We recently had our annual Liebenzell Mission Ecuador retreat. We went to the hot springs of Chachimbiro. Joel and Amelia had fun on the water slide!